Summer Clubhouse

Summer Grants

2013 Parents’ Association Grant Recipients

Through the generosity of The Parents’ Association, an annual gift is given to the school to fund summer grants for faculty. This year’s selected proposals went to targeted fields and grade levels in an effort to implement new curriculum that is consistent with the vision and goals of the Strategic Plan.

The Hewitt School is pleased to announce the following grant recipients:

Pamela Kornblatt—Economics—Upper School, Grades 11 and 12

Ms. Kornblatt is working on developing a yearlong elective course in micro and macroeconomics, which will blend history, philosophy, and mathematics. Core economic principles will be examined, along with the ideas of the great thinkers in this field. Her goal is to design a curriculum where students use the “tool” of economics to think critically about real world problems.

Tegan Morton—Science—Middle School, Grade 7

Ms. Morton is developing curriculum that aims to redesign the seventh-grade science program to become more interdisciplinary through the integration of physical, Earth, and life sciences around a central theme of water. Water’s interconnection to ecosystems, organisms, physiology, and chemistry make it ideal for providing collaborative, project-based learning experiences. Regular writing assignments, basic computer programming, and mathematical modeling will also be features of the curriculum.

Carla Palacios—Pre-Algebra—Middle School

Building off of the Algebra 1 curriculum last year, Ms. Palacios is designing a pre-algebra curriculum that will require students to create, reflect upon, and critique mathematical definitions and solutions to problems. Ms. Palacios notes that “critical thinking, interpreting and reasoning, problem solving, and writing in mathematics will be emphasized, as will a connection to other sciences.” The overarching goal is to establish a foundation for agile and adaptive thinkers who are able to identify opportunities to utilize learned math applications.

Halley McWilliam, Susie O’Hara, Elaine Schreger—Math—Lower School, Grade 4

The Hewitt School’s fourth-grade advisor team is devising concrete lessons that differentiate the current program to best serve different math learners. The team is studying the scope and sequence of the curriculum, finding more effective ways to order instruction, and weaving in creative problem solving and collaborative learning experiences for their students.

Robin Lentz, Erin Leonard, Kristen Lindberg—Social Studies—Lower School, Grade 3

The desired outcome of this grant is to “create an integrated social studies curriculum that uses fine arts to explore history.” Looking to build on their success with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre last year, this team is developing an inter-disciplinary social studies program that looks to promote student engagement within key themes, while still covering the appropriate grade-level concepts of third grade art and music.

The PA grants are used to fund research and acquire necessary materials throughout the summer as these faculty members work to design and write curriculum in alignment with the Strategic Plan. As stipulated by the grant criteria, recipients work collaboratively with their colleagues to implement, evaluate, and revise their curriculum as the year progresses.