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Gossip Guys: Nick Denton and Michael Wolff Teach Teenage Girls to Survive
New York Observer
10/07/2014 – New York teenagers, especially those who attend private girls’ schools on the Upper East Side, may be sophisticated. But nobody expects them to have a casual familiarity with the nature of British libel laws in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, or the mechanics of leaking to Page Six. Nobody, that is, except Nick Denton and Michael Wolff. The Gawker czar and the longtime, often prickly media chronicler are probably the last people one would expect to find in front of a roomful of chatty Hewitt girls in navy and tartan skirts, but there they were, in the gym of the all-girls Upper School on East 75th Street, bright and early on a Friday morning (“I don’t have to start work as early as you guys” Mr. Denton said, when his iPhone alarm sounded at 9 am, midway through the event)……. [Read Original Article]
Nick Denton and Michael Wolff square off on privacy, journalism
10/03/2014 – When Gawker founder Nick Denton and media critic-provocateur Michael Wolff get in a room together, things are bound to get interesting. The two talked privacy in the digital age to an audience of aspiring young journalists at The Hewitt School in New York Friday morning. Excerpts:…….. [Read Original Article]
Women and Technology: Hewitt Senior featured with panel experts on AOL Build
AOL Build
10/07/2014 – Join AOL BUILD in welcoming Girl Up, which aims to unite girls to change the world. TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook, Engadget’s Dana Wollman, Girl Up’s Dayna Geldwert and The Hewitt School’s Susannah Meyer discuss women and technology moderated by AOL Tech’s Editorial Director, Fara Warner…….. [Read Original Article]
Students Lead Push for Disposable Bag Fee
The Epoch Times
09/16/2014 – Dozens of elementary, middle, and high school students lobbied City Council members Tuesday to support charging a fee for disposable bags. At students’ urging in March of this year, Brad Lander and Margaret Chin introduced legislation to charge 10 cents for paper and plastic disposable bags. So far 20 members of City Council have signed on to support the legislation. “I think New York should catch up to other large cities like L.A. and Washington, D.C.,” said Keanna Hunter, a sophomore at the Hewitt School who spoke at a rally at City Hall ahead of the lobbying effort…….. [Read Original Article]
Student Created Games and Controllers
Maker Faire
09/09/2014 – Come play our games! Hewitt 7th grade girls coded games with Scratch, then designed and printed custom game controllers on a Makerbot 3D printer so you can play them……. [Read Original Article]
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