Summer Clubhouse

Letter from the Head

Welcome to Hewitt and thank you for visiting our website!

Hewitt is an impressive and close-knit school community of exceptionally talented teachers, eager and able learners, and both emerging and visionary leaders who are supported by dedicated trustees, engaged parents, and accomplished alumnae. For over ninety years, Hewitt has provided an exemplary education for girls and young women from kindergarten through grade twelve, an education they value throughout their lives.

Today Hewitt prepares young women to lead their lives confidently and successfully in a world that is increasingly complex and constantly changing. Because Hewitt’s teachers and programs encourage students to develop their unique strengths and their own moral compass, our students learn to define success in their own terms, not someone else’s.

Hewitt prepares young women to create a life — not to take a job but to make a job, a career and a life that suits them; to know themselves and to like themselves; to be confident and ready to be the best they can be; to be resilient; to be eager for challenges and to discover the unknown; to find joy and create it for others; to learn from failure and to be the stronger and wiser for it.

Hewitt students learn that the privilege of such an education brings responsibilities and obligations beyond seeking self-fulfillment and knowledge. A life well-lived is not a life of individual achievement to the exclusion of community; a life well-lived is a life of connection, service and action.

I encourage you to explore Hewitt’s website and to visit us in person. This is a very special place for girls – full of unique opportunities for learning and growing intellectually, emotionally and personally.

Joan Z. Lonergan
Head of School