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Strategic Plan: Affirming Hewitt’s Commitment to 21st Century Education

It is an exciting time to be at Hewitt. With the inception of the 2012 Strategic Plan, The Hewitt School has undertaken a significant reevaluation of its academic program, bringing it more in line with current research and best practices for a 21st century education. Designing a more fluid curriculum that puts greater emphasis on student-centered initiatives, The Hewitt School is committed to finding inventive ways to leverage the many resources and partnerships available in New York City. As well, the school is actively utilizing digital and technological tools to expand the research and learning potential of its courses across all grade-levels.

In the following videos, as part of the 2013–2014 school-year launch, the Head of School, various faculty members, and students address the many ways the Strategic Plan has impacted the curriculum over the past year and how it will manifest itself in the program moving forward.