Summer Clubhouse

Lower School (K-4)

At Hewitt, joyful learning abounds. The curriculum enables students to explore, discover, and build upon their individual strengths and talents; they become lifelong learners. The teaching methods and developmentally based program create an engaging, innovative, and stimulating learning environment. The students are confident, independent learners and thinkers. A typical classroom is comprised of fluid learning groups that support and extend each girl’s potential, allowing her to jump quickly to a new level of understanding or to take the time to explore an interesting idea. Learning is fun and exciting.

Throughout the lower school years, girls develop a sense of self as individuals and in relation to others. The girls build their self-confidence and become risk takers through many and varied opportunities offered through individual projects, group presentations, performances, and community service. Research demonstrates that students who attend all-girls’ schools develop greater self-confidence and broader interests, are more willing to take risks, and experience increased leadership opportunities. At Hewitt, each student thrives in an environment where she can explore, question, lead, and find her own voice. Through the all-girls’ advantage, a young girl’s curiosity is sparked and life-long learning begins.