Summer Clubhouse


Welcome to Hewitt!

While our website is a great source of information, the best way to get to know Hewitt is to visit us.  Seeing our girls and teachers in action will help you understand what a dynamic place Hewitt is.

Now entering its 95th year, Hewitt is more than classrooms, students and teachers. Hewitt is the foundation upon which young women commence their own journeys into an ever-changing world, confident in their abilities, creative in their thinking and principled in their actions.  The curious and engaged young girls, who enter in kindergarten, leave at graduation joyful, discerning and resilient women, confident that they can and will make a difference in the world because they are prepared to be architects of their own destinies.

Hewitt’s Strategic Plan, launched in September 2012 and lived every day, along with the Townhouse Project ensures that growth—both physical and pedagogical—is taking place at Hewitt.  Set to increase Hewitt’s physical campus by 26%, The Townhouse complements all the endeavors laid out in the Strategic Plan, k-12: nurturing scholarship, enhancing teaching and learning, and fostering creativity, innovation, and citizenship.

Hewitt seeks girls and families who are eager to join a community of thinkers, learners and doers.  Hewitt is an inclusive community.  Every year, we welcome students of many racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.  Our families represent a variety of different structures and cultures, and our students are able to appreciate the diversity of experiences that their classmates bring to the community.  Diversity of many kinds is greatly valued and widely embraced.

We encourage you to subscribe to visit us on facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about the application process, our program or our community.

We very much look forward to welcoming you and your daughters.


Amy Jablonski
Director of Admissions, k-12