Summer Clubhouse

The Hewitt School Winterim Program: January 4-7, 2011

The Winterim program provides the opportunity for an in-depth learning experience that is experiential in nature and promotes a sense of connection, discovery, inquiry and reflection. By suspending regular classes and by breaking the constraints of our schedule, we have the opportunity to work across disciplines and grade levels.

Winterim will focus around the school’s theme of ubuntu. Ubuntu challenges us to look beyond ourselves and explore the essence of humanity. It requires both an intellectual and personal investigation of ideas.  Spending a week in deep exploration of a topic or theme that speaks to ubuntu will be a unique experience for students and faculty alike as it changes the way we view the world and understand ourselves.

Each student will enroll in one course this year that will span the four-day period. The courses will consist of classroom instructions and discussion, traveling to locations throughout the city that pertain to the course topic, meeting with experts in various fields, and thinking in ways that expand both our knowledge and our perspective.

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