Welcome to the Lower School — Kindergarten to Grade 4

Like many of you, I have vivid memories of the most dynamic teachers I had throughout my school experience. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized the lasting impact that these teachers had on me. I remember being encouraged to be creative, to understand myself as a learner, and to always leave room to explore my own interests and passions.

The importance of great teaching, especially in the early years, is central to what we do in the lower school. The lower school faculty is always questioning not only what we are teaching our girls, but more importantly how we are teaching our girls. Our teachers provide each student with a rich learning experience that is dynamic, girl-focused, and student-driven. This doesn’t just benefit our students—it also attracts inquisitive and passionate faculty. Teachers come to Hewitt to get to the heart and art of teaching, and because of this, our teachers are creators, innovators, and learners.

The education and empowerment of our girls drives all that we do. We recognize and embrace the fact that girls’ education is continually evolving, and so we strive to leverage the latest research in pedagogy, social-emotional learning, and instructional best practices. Hewitt is about empowering the next generation of strong women and leaders; this begins, without a doubt, on the very first day of kindergarten.

I look forward to meeting you throughout the interview process.
Frank Patti
Head of Lower School

An Independent School for Girls in New York City

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The Hewitt School is an exceptional private school for girls and young women in New York City offering a challenging and rigorous educational experience for Kindergarten to Grade 12.