Welcome to the Upper School — Grade 9 to Grade 12

I have been at Hewitt for almost a quarter of a century, having started in the fall 1991. I have witnessed the tremendous growth and evolution of The Hewitt School in these many years and am more excited than ever for the future of Hewitt and the promise of Hewitt’s young women.

As I look ahead to the excitement and opportunity of the 2015-2016 school year, I also reflect on the year just completed and one of my favorite Hewitt traditions: Senior Dinner. Each year at this event, the graduating class and their families gather to hear speeches read by the faculty about the seniors. Each speech celebrates, with detail and nuance, the young woman’s strengths and growth as a student and as a member of our community, and it captures her as the often funny, quirky, and unique individual that she is, poised at this liminal moment between the vestiges of childhood and the transition to full adulthood. On Commencement Day, we graduated the class of 2015 as whole, while always remembering and valuing each girl, each young woman, for who she is and who has become.

Senior Dinner is a culmination of the relationships between faculty and students that Hewitt fosters over the four years of high school. Teachers know each girl in the class and notice how she learns best; when she needs extra coaxing or collaboration; what she might be interested in exploring beyond the classroom. The upper school experience at Hewitt empowers young women to become their authentic selves: to become women who develop their own interests, trust in their ability to pursue an idea and make a difference, and know who they truly are.
Elizabeth Stevens
Head of the Upper School

Critical components of each girl’s upper school experience include:

  • developing a deep awareness of and pride in her intellectual and creative strengths, her passion and commitments, and her unique identity;
  • being known, appreciated, and respected by her teachers and her peers;
  • preparing to take her place, locally and globally, acting with purpose, and making a difference;
  • becoming her best self!

Elizabeth Stevens—College Guidance at Hewitt

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