The school’s clubs are created and organized by students with the assistance and guidance of  faculty advisors. Clubs provide additional opportunities for students to balance academics with other interests, and the students are welcome to form clubs around a variety of issues whether they be cultural, political, a hobby, a skill, or a shared commitment.

Upper School Clubs and Publications

Clubs and publications take place, for the most part, before or during the school day; some will have a time commitment extending beyond the academic day.  Some of our Upper School Club/Publications offerings include:
Art Club
Animal Rights Club
ACTION (Social Justice/Advocacy/Current Events)
The Book Club
Debate Club
Earth Committee
French Club
Film Club
Global Perspectives (Culture)
Hawks TV
International Thespian Society
Jewish Culture Club
National Junior Classical League
Peer Tutoring
Poetry Club
Spectrum (Social Issues)
Student Council
Student Service Board
TEDxYouth@Hewitt (Speaker Series)
The Hewitt Times (Student Online Newspaper)
Tour Guide Program
Venturer (Arts & Literary Magazine)
Women’s Health and Issues Club

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