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Community Service Board

Community Service Board 2012-2013

The newly formed Community Service Board is comprised of students in grades 8-12. The Community Service Board was founded by students with the purpose of establishing a student-driven service program at Hewitt. The mission of the Upper School Community Service Board is to support the service learning efforts of students in the Hewitt community. Through the creation of community service projects and participation in service opportunities we seek to bring about meaningful awareness of Human Rights and Social Justice. Our representative members from each grade lead our School’s service efforts and define the requirements and purpose of service in our school. We work together as global citizens to make stronger connections at school and in the world.

The board produces a blog dedicated to helping students find opportunities that would be of interest to them. The blog provides relevant information on the importance of service in our community and details about our in-school efforts. Each year we organize multiple drives for local organizations such as the Yorkville Common Pantry, The New York Foundling Hospital, and Project Cicero. We educate our peers and teachers about the organizations we support as a school.

The Community Service Board has begun an awareness initiative called “CSB Presents.” We create videos on pertinent social issues such as hunger, education and quality medical care. Our local community is the inspiration for upper school community service day. Each student chooses an organization that has been researched by the board. The girls then learn more about it and volunteer on site for the day.

We have made a three year commitment to the disaster relief organization AmeriCares. The Student Community Service Board selected AmeriCares after researching a variety of international relief agencies as potential partners.  By partnering with AmeriCares, our Hewitt community will be able to provide immediate relief in response to national and world events. The Community Service Board selected AmeriCares because of its size and commitment to ensure any money we donate will be either donated or used to buy medical supplies that will directly reach affected populations

The Board strives to help the Hewitt community see service in a new light and hope we all are inspired to give back to their community.  Our hope as a board is that by helping upper school students understand other people’s realities, we as students have a better understanding of our own identity in our community and the world at large. Through their participation in multiple service initiatives Hewitt students have once again proven themselves to be “thinkers, learners, and doers” in ways that will affect the greater community.