Summer Clubhouse

Student Services

The Hewitt program provides a balanced student life experience that offers multiple opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social, and personal growth. At Hewitt, each girl is known and appreciated by her advisor, teachers, and administrators.


Every student in the middle and upper school has an advisor who coaches and supports her in her experience at Hewitt. Advisors meet with their advisory groups daily and individually as needed. The girls work to set goals for the year, assess progress, and develop strategies for success, thereby learning to act responsibly, examine choices, make decisions, and accept consequences. Each student facilitates conferences, attended by the advisor and parents, as a means of taking ownership for her own learning and progress. The advisor is the primary contact for all matters concerning the student, linking the student, teachers, and family.

Learning Resources

Hewitt offers a strong system of learning resources.  The small class size allow each girl myriad opportunities to participate, to ask questions, and to test her ideas in class. Students regularly meet with teachers outside of class for extra help or to explore their understanding. Learning specialists work with students and faculty, meeting the developmental needs of each student. The school counselor is available to students, teachers, and parents as a resource for support, problem solving, or referral.