Covid-19 Precautions

Our Approach

Throughout the pandemic, our approach to teaching and learning has been guided by our steadfast commitments to health and safety, academic progress, and community and belonging. All students in kindergarten through twelfth grade attend in-person learning on our campus five days a week. 

Ensuring Academic Progress

We remain committed to ensuring the academic progress of our students, and we continue to focus on making sure that students are progressing toward important academic benchmarks as they establish their learning routines.  

Prioritizing Health and Safety

We protect to the greatest extent possible the health and safety of our community members through careful attention to recommended health and safety guidelines from state and local agencies, and through consultation with medical experts.

Fostering Community and Belonging

It is especially important to us that we not only meet our students’ intellectual needs, but also nurture their social and emotional connections with others. Authentic human relationships foster the abiding sense of community and belonging that is integral to a Hewitt education.

Health and Safety

The Hewitt Campus