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Hewitt’s motto--“By Faith and Courage”--is evident in everything we do. Where most high-achieving girls are socialized to be perfect and play it safe, Hewitt girls learn to have faith in themselves and have the courage to take risks and bounce back from failures. Where most high-achieving girls are asked to focus exclusively on curating the perfect resume, the Hewitt girl is hard at work on her inner resume as she achieves academically. I invite you to see what makes Hewitt such a distinctive place for girls and young women to learn and grow into a world of expanding opportunity, and how Hewitt is empowering the next generation of women leaders, one at a time--from the inside out.

Dr. Tara Christie Kinsey, Head of School and Parent, Class of 2027

Writings and Reflections by Dr. Kinsey

Tara Christie Kinsey, Head of School and Sarah Odell, Director of Faculty Practice and Research

Hewitt has established itself as a local and national leader in girls’ education — and a destination employer for some of the best educators in the country — because of our unique commitment to amplifying girls’ voices. At Hewitt, we teach girls that they can have voice and relationships and still be cared for and successful. 

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Tara Christie Kinsey

Hewitt has emerged as a leader in combating toxic achievement culture and supporting girls’ mental health. Parents and guardians tell us that one of the reasons they joined The Hewitt School is because they wanted their daughter to achieve and strive for excellence, but not at the expense of her health, wellbeing, and sense of meaning and purpose.  

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Tara Christie Kinsey

As an institution, Hewitt consciously resists the toxic high-achievement culture that perpetuates the damaging message that students must engage in manic resume padding. In this respect, we are writing a countercultural success story–our students achieve great things but do so with a sense of meaning, purpose, wellbeing, and joy.

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Tara Christie Kinsey

In February, The Hewitt School hosted an evening of learning with our longtime friend and partner Dr. Lisa Damour. Here are three lessons I’m taking away from Lisa's latest book, The Emotional Lives of Teenagers: Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents, and how these lessons might inform our daily interactions with girls–at school and at home.

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