Hewitt News

A Winning Season for Varsity Tennis
Mia V., Class of 2018

As most people were just waking up and beginning their morning routines, the 14 members of Hewitt’s varsity tennis team were arriving at the courts ready to practice. The hardworking and passionate team, made up of five seniors, six ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders, and a record-breaking three seventh graders, came together to play their best tennis at every match. Despite their wide range of ages, Hewitt’s varsity tennis team grew incredibly close over the course of the season, making it all the way to the quarterfinals of the AAIS tournament, with an impressive 7-3 record the rest of the season. 

Strong teamwork and support have been hallmarks of Hewitt’s athletics program, and the varsity tennis team captains began each match with a pep talk, offering advice on how to tackle the match both mentally and physically and ending with a cheer designed to get everyone pumped up and ready to play. Throughout each match, Hewitt’s varsity players were focused on playing consistently while also taking risks, striking the right balance between defense and offense. While the courts were full of focused and determined players, the bleachers overflowed with Hewitt fans chanting, “Let’s go, Hewitt!” with all their might. “The support of our fellow Hawks faculty, students, and parents has been the wind in our sails,” shared Coach Eric Adams.

The 2018 season was not without its challenges, as the team’s #1 singles player was out with an injury for almost half the season, and the competition at each game was impressive. Despite this, our Hewitt Hawks went into each match with a positive mindset and gained knowledge about how to improve their game. Highlights of the season included defeating several opposing teams for the first time in recent history, significant victories from the team’s youngest players, and a fourth place finish in the AAIS league.  

Hewitt’s varsity tennis team grew incredibly close this season, and saying goodbye to the team’s five graduating players was bittersweet. Next year’s team will be full of strong athletes eager to improve individually and as a group, carrying on Hewitt’s legacy of inspiring and supportive teamwork on and off the court.