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Hewitt Sophomores’ Early Entrepreneurs Program Wins National Award
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As members of Hewitt’s DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) club, sophomores Sofia B., Florine T., and Sophia B. are pursuing their interests in entrepreneurship while learning about marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Through DECA, the trio learned about the Intuit Social Innovation Challenge, a contest which asked teams of high school students from across the country to develop solutions to “help underrepresented (i.e. Black, Latinx, female, etc.) business owners access equitable opportunities to entrepreneurship and small business ownership.” 

In response to this challenge, Sofia, Florine, and Sophia developed Early Entrepreneurs, a program designed to introduce girls and young women to business and entrepreneurship. After winning first place in the regional round of the Intuit Social Innovation Challenge, the team continued to refine their idea, working closely with Aaron Shapiro, Latin teacher and DECA club advisor, and Elise Figa, fifth grade dean, to improve and scale their Early Entrepreneurs program. Their commitment and hard work paid off this March, when they were awarded second place overall at the contest’s national level! 

In the video below, the team members reflect on the inspiration behind their idea, the process of launching their program, and the sense of accomplishment they feel from making an impact on their school community. 

A video interview with the Hewitt Sophomores' who developed the Early Entrepreneurs Program

Watch this video to hear directly from Sofia B., Florine T., and Sophia B.  about their award-winning Early Entrepreneurs program