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Shanniece Reid-Lewis ’10 to Deliver 2023 Commencement Address
Senior Class Leaders and Tara Christie Kinsey, Head of School

by Annabella K. ’23, Senior Class President; Adi S. ’23, Senior Class Vice President; Clarissa T-D. ’23, Student Council President; and Maddie S. ’23, Student Council Vice President

It is our honor to announce that Shanniece Reid-Lewis ’10 will deliver The Hewitt School’s 2023 Commencement address. Ms. Reid-Lewis was selected by senior class leaders for many reasons, the foremost of which is her outstanding track record of support and advocacy for women and the way she models inclusivity both personally and professionally. 

After graduating from Hewitt, Ms. Reid-Lewis attended Georgetown University, where she majored in international business and marketing. Upon graduating from Georgetown, she began her career at Moody’s Investors Service, where she took on increasingly senior roles. Currently serving as delivery lead manager at Capital One, Ms. Reid-Lewis has amassed an impressive track record as a highly skilled product manager at the intersection of finance and technology (fintech) and has received company-wide recognition for delivering high quality results. 

The theme for the Class of 2023’s Commencement ceremony is “When We Were Young.” In deciding upon a theme, seniors individually and collectively reflected on who they were as younger students, how they have grown personally and academically over time, and what they hope to take with them from Hewitt as they continue their learning journey. During her Commencement remarks, Ms. Reid-Lewis will speak to this theme as she shares how her own Hewitt experience continues to impact her today, thirteen years after graduation.

We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Reid-Lewis back to Hewitt! 

Commencement 2023 Speaker Shanniece Reid-Lewis '10