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Hewitt Hawks Spring 2023 Athletics Recap
Walter Rodriguez, Director of Athletics

The Hewitt Hawks had an incredible spring season full of fierce competition and championship qualifiers. In addition to impressive performances from our varsity badminton, outdoor track and field, and crew teams, the spring also marked the inaugural season for Hewitt Athletics’ varsity golf team! At the end of the season, our fall, winter, and spring athletes came together to celebrate at the Hewitt Athletics Awards, where student athletes received accolades from their coaches and were cheered on by the full upper school community for their accomplishments on the courts and fields. The awards ceremony also included a special signing day ceremony for a Hewitt graduate who will attend Columbia University this fall as a rowing recruit. Click here to watch a video of this student speaking about her athletic career at Hewitt.

Read on for a recap from each of our spring athletics teams.

Varsity Badminton 
Hewitt’s varsity badminton team faced formidable opponents and pushed their skills to the limit. Week after week, they battled against some of the toughest teams in the league and it often seemed as though victory was just out of reach. However, in the face of adversity, the Hawks displayed remarkable resilience and unwavering determination. They never lost sight of their goals and continued to work tirelessly to improve their game. As the season progressed, the team's efforts began to bear fruit. The players developed a stronger bond both on and off the court, and their unity became their greatest strength. With a newfound sense of camaraderie, the Hawks rallied together, showing a remarkable display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Their hard work paid off as they secured a spot in the playoffs, making it to the first round. This accomplishment not only marked the end of a challenging season but also signaled the beginning of a bright and promising future for the varsity badminton team.

Varsity Outdoor Track and Field
In a thrilling and action-packed season, Hewitt’s varsity outdoor track and field team soared to new heights, proving their mettle and leaving a lasting impression on the track. This young squad is brimming with potential, and throughout the season the Hawks became a force to be reckoned with thanks to their determination and grit. The team boasted an impressive roster of talent with an astonishing 12 qualifiers for the prestigious New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) Championships. Among their ranks, a standout emerged in the form of a star junior whose unwavering dedication and unparalleled skill propelled the team to remarkable achievements. This exceptional athlete showcased her prowess by clinching the top spot in the fiercely contested Athletic Association of Independent Schools (AAIS) Championship and secured an impressive second-place finish at the esteemed NYSAIS Championship. Their performances left spectators in awe and set a benchmark for the entire team, inspiring their teammates to push their boundaries and strive for greatness. The future looks incredibly promising for the Hewitt Hawks as they continue to soar higher and rewrite the record books in the seasons to come.

Varsity Golf
In a remarkable debut season, our varsity golf team made history as the first-ever varsity golf team at Hewitt. These talented athletes blazed a trail of success both on and off the greens. Their relentless drive and unwavering commitment to excellence were evident as they ventured into uncharted territory and explored new courses. But what truly set this team apart was their adept utilization of state-of-the-art technology at LoftLinks, a cutting-edge golf training facility that provided them with an invaluable edge. With precision and finesse, the Hawks seized every opportunity to maximize their performance, showcasing the true potential of golf as a sport that melds athleticism and innovation. As the season drew to a close, the Hewitt Hawks varsity golf team stood tall and their achievements serve as an inspiration to future generations of golfers at Hewitt  and beyond.

Varsity Crew 
From their very first stroke to their final sprint, the varsity crew team displayed unwavering determination and strength on the water. Their pursuit of excellence and fierce competitiveness was evident throughout the season. With a perfect blend of teamwork, endurance, and tenacity, these rowers navigated the challenging waters to earn well-deserved victories and recognition at three regatas. The Hawks' exceptional season has etched their names in the annals of crew history, and their remarkable accomplishments are a testament to the hard work of this incredible team. Our varsity crew team closed out the season with a special send off for a graduating senior who signed on to row for Columbia University this fall!

Congratulations to each of our spring varsity athletes and we look forward to our fall season. Go, Hawks!

two photos of female golfers in blue shirts, swinging their golf clubs

Varsity golf

three female golfers with blue shirts holding golf clubs, looking at a golf ball on the green

Varsity golf

two rows of female students on a black stage holding medallions

Honoring upper school athletics captains at the Athletics Awards ceremony. Each captain holds a personalized medallion made by Hewitt engineering and design students

five females standing in a row smiling at the camera, the group makes up the inaugural varsity golf team at Hewitt

Hewitt's inaugural varsity golf team

two photos side by side, each of one student running in an outdoor track race

Varsity outdoor track and field

one student in a leaping motion, engaged in a long jump event at an outdoor track and field meet

Varsity outdoor track and field

two photos side by side, each with one student holding a badminton racket taking a swing at a birdie off camera

Varsity badminton

one student in a blue and white Hewitt track uniform and bright yellow running shoes, running on a blue track

Varsity outdoor track and field