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Photo Gallery: Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical
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This winter, middle and upper school students put on an incredible production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical. Hewitt's talented cast and crew invited audiences into the magical world of Matilda, a young girl who dares to change not only her destiny but the destinies of everyone around her. Congratulations to the many student actors, musicians, and crew members who helped bring this creative and joyful production to life!  

The cast and crew pose in rows on stage
Six actors on stage in a production of Matilda. One is wearing a bright orange plaid suit.
Actors wear plaid uniforms and grey blazers standing on oversized alphabet blocks
Two actors kneel and look at each other. One is in a plaid jumper, the other in a white dress.
Two actors sit next to a small wooden side table. One is gesturing outward.
An actress stands on stage in front a blue background. She is wearing a plaid jumper and grey blazer and holding a book
Actors stand in a circle on stage facing outward and singing with intense expressions.
Three couples stand on stage dancing. Three wear sparkling dresses in red or gold.
Actors in plaid school uniforms stand in a semi circle around their teacher and a pile of clothes
Two actors sit on oversized alphabet blocks, looking at each other in deep conversation
Three actors sit on a couch. One holds a magazine and another holds a book and throw pillow.
An actor stands on stage in front of a colorful bed. She holds her arms above her head with books in each hand.
Four actors in a living room set. One lays on the floor watching TV while another stands on the couch.
An actor stands in front of a colorful bed. She is wearing blue overalls and a lime green shirt.
Groups of actors dance on stage wearing party hats at a birthday party.
An actor wearing a grey plaid dress and party hat stands with arms out. She is surrounded by actors in white shirts and ties.
Two actors dance at a party. Both are wearing party hats and there are balloons in the background.
A group of actors wear party hats and stand on oversized alphabet blocks in front of a sign that says %22Happy Birthday%22
Actors in gym clothes look in horror as their mean gym teacher stands in the center of the stage
Four actors are on stage. One sneers at the other two, who look back in fear. A fourth looks on in the background.