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Photo Gallery: Seussical Jr.
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Congratulations to the middle school cast and crew of Seussical Jr.! A musical celebration of community, loyalty, friendship, imagination, and diversity, Seussical Jr. tells the fantastical tale of Horton, an elephant who has discovered a microscopic civilization clinging to life on a speck of dust. Bravo to the incredible actors, musicians, and crew members who brought this production to life for the Hewitt community! 

One student sits on the stage in a white dress, another in blue overalls and blue tights stands nearby.
Five cast members stand in the background facing each other in confused poses, while another stands in the foreground.
A student wearing all black makes an angry face at the camera. She is holding a green four leaf clover.
The cast of Seussical Jr. stands on stage singing. Some are wearing bright colors like orange, yellow, and green.
A student wearing blue overalls and a blue and white striped shirt plays a blue guitar.
The cast of Seussical Jr. stands on stage. Some hold their hands out to their sides.
Three students stand on stage with their arms stretched out to their sides. One wears black, another red, and a third orange.
Three students stand on stage. One wears a blue dress, another overalls, and a third wear a black hat and three piece suit.
The cast of Seussical Jr. stands on stage wearing bright colors. They are all pointing to something off stage.
A student wears a wide brimmed hat and has cat whiskers painted on her face. She is playing a keyboard.
Students pose on stage, while a member of the cast stands in front of the audience with a microphone.
A group of students stand in a row singing. They are wearing bright colors.
Three students stand on a stage covered in yellow, green, and pink swirls.
One student sits on stage, while two others stand a few feet away. One is dressed like a doctor.
Three students wear jeans, striped shirts, and black beanies on a stage covered in green, pink, and yellow swirls.
Three students stand on stage. The background is blue with realistic clouds in the sky.
A group of students stands on stage in a row with their arms raise in the same direction.
A student wearing red and black sits in a beach chair, while another stands nearby dressed like a cat
A group of students sit in pairs on stage.
Two students look at each other. One is in black and red and the other wears white and holds a four leaf clover.
The cast and crew of Seussical Jr. pose for a group photo