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Fostering Community

The mission of Hewitt's Parents' Association (PA) is to foster a spirit of community and serve as a resource for all Hewitt families. In addition to providing support to new and current families, the PA plans school-wide events for students and parents such as community service activities, merchandise sales, and the skating party. A communication conduit between families, administrators, and faculty, the Hewitt Parents' Association plays a critical role in our home-school partnership.



PA President Julia Lewis Honored with the Wendy Liff Flynn Award

The Hewitt Parents’ Association (PA) hosted an All-School Meeting on June 2, 2022, and the program closed with a moving presentation by Wendy Liff Flynn P’05, who served as chair of Hewitt’s Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2013. Wendy honored PA President Julia Lewis P'21 P'26 with the award established by the Board of Trustees in Wendy’s name in 2013: The Wendy Liff Flynn Award for Distinguished Service and Dedication to The Hewitt School.

Wendy and Julia have worked together as Hewitt volunteers for 14 years. Wendy shared, “Julia’s leadership and service at Hewitt are a testament to the impact that parents can have on our small and treasured community. Volunteers like Julia allow Hewitt to be a vibrant place that is working hard to carry out Hewitt’s mission: to inspire girls and young women to become game changers and ethical leaders who forge an equitable, sustainable, and joyous future.

“During her three years as president of the Parents’ Association, from 2019-2022, Julia has worked tirelessly to build our community during a time when Hewitt needed community most. Julia’s seamless partnership with both Hewitt families and Hewitt’s professional community is something to marvel at. You can always count on her to roll up her sleeves and do the work—quickly answering parent questions, lending a hand behind the scenes at The Theater at St. Jean during any performance, finding the owner of a lost glove or sock during lost and found drives, or ensuring every faculty and staff member is seen and appreciated.”

A man and four women pose in front of a blue wall and smile at the camera.

Julia Lewis P’21 P’26 (center) poses with her family and Wendy Liff Flynn (second from left) after receiving the Wendy Liff Flynn Award for Distinguished Service and Dedication to The Hewitt School

In addition to her service as PA president, Julia is a member of the Board of Trustees, was Annual Fund Co-Chair for three years, and served on the PA Board for several years before becoming president.

Wendy concluded her remarks by saying, “Julia has made Hewitt her purpose, and those who know her can all agree that she has poured her heart and soul into it. Her contributions to this community are immeasurable. As she finishes her final year as PA president, I am confident that her legacy will carry on. I hope her leadership can serve as an inspiration, and that the Hewitt community continues to protect and care for Hewitt as deeply as she has.” 

The Wendy Liff Flynn Award is presented periodically to individuals, like Wendy, who demonstrate exemplary commitment and dedication to our students and our community, particularly those who volunteer with the Parents’ Association. Valerie Mogul P’12 P’15, Head of School Joan Lonergan, Laura Greene Meltzer P’21, and Jo-Anne Williams Bilotti P’23 are previous recipients. If you would like to recommend a Hewitt volunteer to be considered for this honor, please contact

Hewitt Families Participate in a Variety of School Activities Throughout the Year

Recent events include:

  • Service activities
  • Book club
  • Faculty and staff appreciation events
  • Student art shows and performances
  • Skating party
  • Annual Benefit
Three women smile at the camera sitting in front of a multicolored wall

Parent volunteers help organize and run a variety of events throughout the year

Five students smile at the camera standing on the green lawn in Central Park

Gathering with friends at the community picnic

A group of students and a parent sit on the floor learning to knit

Knitting baby hats and socks at Hewitt Day of Service

A mother and three students at the skating rink, bundled in hats and scarves

On the ice at our annual skating party

Three students smile for the camera at Wollman Rink

On the ice at our annual skating party

Eight women pose clustered together in front of a shelf of books

All members of the Hewitt community are invited to participate in the PA book club

Two students holding ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles

Celebrating the end of the school year with a PA-hosted visit from Mister Softee

Two students make cat toys using socks

Making cat toys for animal shelters at Hewitt Day of Service

Three students pose in front of an ice cream truck holding popsicles and ice cream cones

Enjoying a visit from Mister Softee

Two students at the ice skating rink smile for the camera. One is wearing a headband with sparkly pink snowflakes.

On the ice at our annual skating party