parents' Association

Fostering Community

The mission of Hewitt's Parents' Association (PA) is to foster a spirit of community and serve as a resource for all Hewitt families. In addition to providing support to new and current families, the PA plans school-wide events for students and parents such as community service activities, merchandise sales, and the annual book fair. A communication conduit between families, administrators, and faculty, the Hewitt Parents' Association plays a critical role in our home-school partnership.



Whether gathering in person or online, the Parents’ Association is committed to building community and connections for all Hewitt families. During the 2020-2021 school year we successfully reimagined many of our community’s favorite PA events and activities, including the book club, annual book fair and merchandise sale, family service events, and Community Inclusivity Dialogue series into virtual programs. In the 2021-2022 school year we look forward to staying nimble and will continue to follow health and safety guidelines as we offer a mix of in-person and online events.

Parents' Association Committees

Hewitt Families Participate in a Variety of School Activities Throughout the Year

  • Service activities
  • Book club
  • Faculty and staff appreciation events
  • Book fair
  • Student art shows and performances
  • Skating party
  • Annual Benefit
A father and daughter in a lower school classroom during a family service activity

Parents and students come together for a variety of service activities throughout the year

A man and woman stand on the corner wearing bright orange and yellow safety patrol vests

Parents on after-school safety patrol 

Four upper school students stand with their arms around each other in Central Park

Upper school students lead service activities in Central Park

Two upper school students and two lower school students decorate brown paper bags

Students work on a service activity for Riley's Way Foundation

A screenshot of twelve participants from a recent Zoom book club meeting

Community members gather via Zoom for book club meetings

Parents and students knit in the school gym

A knitting circle at Family Service Friday

Families shop for books and merchandise at the book fair

Students and families shop at the annual book fair

A parent stands laughing at the book fair

Parent volunteers help make our book fair a success

A father and daughter shopping for books at the book fair

Shopping for new reading material at the book fair

Students and a parent look at a book about horses together

Parent volunteers ensure our book fair has something for everyone

A mother and two daughters on the ice at Bryant Park

On the ice at our annual skating party

Two mothers standing a table of Hewitt hats and sweatshirts

Parent volunteers sell Hewitt merchandise at the skating party

Four Hewitt fathers pose in the library

Hewitt parents gather at a networking event