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Remote Learning at Hewitt


Welcome to Remote Learning @ Hewitt. Our remote learning goals are twofold: first, to guide and support our students in their progress in meeting specific academic benchmarks; and second, to sustain connection among our community members at a time of physical separation. Remote Learning @ Hewitt is guided by the four pillars of our academic philosophy — presence, empathy, research, and purpose — that shape the way our teachers teach, our students learn, and, ultimately, the way both teachers and students live their lives.


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The Art of Doodling
Hewitt News

While preparing for Remote Learning @ Hewitt, lower school art teacher Robin Lentz knew she wanted to provide her students with joyful ways to express their creativity using whatever supplies they already had available at home. As Ms. Lentz shared with her students, “Artists are so lucky during times like these because we can always find ways to create something out of nothing. Creators and inventors never need fancy supplies.” To ensure that Hewitt students have ample chances to make and create while they are away from the art room, she developed a collection of activities, challenges, and how-to videos that require nothing more than something to draw with and a piece of paper. 

In this video, Ms. Lentz models for students how the art of doodling is a mindful experience that helps us stay focused and present in the face of distraction. “I wanted to start my how-to video series with doodling because it’s a deeply thoughtful experience and a wonderful way for children and adults to find comfort in these uncertain times.” Through this video and others, Ms. Lentz hopes she and her students can build connections as they spend time making art together. 

At Hewitt
Hewitt News

As Hewitt students and teachers returned from spring break and began developing new remote learning routines, music teacher Kirsten Lindberg saw an opportunity to bring the community together with a unique rendition of our school song. In the decade since Ms. Lindberg wrote “At Hewitt,” the song has become a symbol of school pride and a fan favorite performed by our student choirs and entire community at gatherings throughout the year. While Remote Learning @ Hewitt finds us all temporarily teaching and learning from home, Ms. Lindberg gathered clips of students and faculty singing “At Hewitt,” or, as it is sometimes affectionately known, “The Hewitt Song,” and edited them into this beautiful tribute to the strength and power of the Hewitt community.