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Hewitt's Reopening Plan

We are proud to share a fall reopening plan that is academically sound, research-informed, age-appropriate, girl-centered, forward-thinking, and--above all--aligned with health and safety guidelines. Many members of the professional community have collaborated to develop a reopening plan that reflects our steadfast commitments to health and safety, academic progress, and community and belonging. As the situation of the pandemic evolves and changes, so too will our plan, which will regularly be assessed to ensure effectiveness.

Our Planning Principles
Ensuring Academic Progress

We will design a program for students to receive the best education possible, and to make progress toward important academic benchmarks through an engaging, challenging, and rigorous academic program regardless of circumstance or location.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

We will protect to the greatest extent possible the health and safety of every member of the community through careful adherence to recommended health and safety guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, New York State Education Department, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fostering Community and Belonging

Our plan will not only meet our students’ intellectual needs but also nurture our students’ social and emotional connections with others, recognizing that authentic human relationships foster an abiding sense of community and belonging that are integral to a Hewitt education.

Our Reopening Plan
See below to learn more about how we are preparing for September and what to expect when we reopen for in-person learning.
School starts on September 9th fully online.

Hewitt will open on September 9th with a fully online learning model. We will run our full academic program on the same schedule as we would use if we were in person. We delivered fully remote learning in the spring of 2020, when we were required by the State of New York to close and remain closed; since then, we have trained to augment our online teaching practices and lessons.

Hybrid learning starts on October 7th.

If state and local authorities continue to support in-person learning in New York City, Hewitt will shift to a hybrid model on October 7th and enact all required safety precautions. Some, but not all, of our students will be in the school building each day. Others will learn online, including any students who cannot or do not wish to attend school in person. If the School must close at any time during the year, we will shift back to fully online learning.

The school year will be extended to June 25th.

We will extend the school year to Friday, June 25, 2021 in order to increase the total instructional time for the year. By extending our academic calendar through June, we hope to take advantage of the possibility of non-socially-distanced in-person instruction, which we believe is the best way to realize the full benefit of a Hewitt education.

Our Goals
Goal 1

First, we will maximize high-quality, in-person instruction. We continue to believe that in-person schooling “as usual” (without social distancing, reduced density, cohorting, and PPE) offers the highest quality education possible. By extending the school year to the end of June 2021, we increase the chances that our students will receive more of the highest-quality, non-socially-distanced in-person instruction should it become possible (subject to state guidelines).

Goal 2

Second, we will deliver Hewitt’s full academic program online. During the first four weeks of the school year, we will offer our full academic program online. Our faculty have been hard at work throughout the summer partnering with experts in online education to augment their online teaching practices and lessons. Students and their families will see a significant increase in the amount of live instruction, individual and small group attention, intellectual engagement, and clear assessment of learning to ensure that students build foundational knowledge and skills necessary for a successful school year. 

Goal 3

Third, we will honor the fact that beginnings matter, and that a safe, grounded, and mindful re-entry sets the tone for a successful school year. With a few weeks to observe and monitor emerging scientific data in New York City in September and early October, Hewitt will be able to more fully support our students and teachers for a safe, grounded, and mindful re-entry on October 7th. We truly believe this is the best and safest way for Hewitt to open, and the best way to ensure successful learning experiences and outcomes for our students. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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