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Hewitt's Reopening Plan

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we shared a fall reopening plan that was academically sound, research-informed, age-appropriate, girl-centered, forward-thinking, and—above all—aligned with health and safety guidelines. Members of our professional community collaborated to develop a reopening plan that reflects our steadfast commitments to health and safety, academic progress, and community and belonging. As the pandemic evolved, so too did our plan, but the information below illustrates the principles and approaches that have guided us throughout the year.

Our Planning Principles
Ensuring Academic Progress

We designed a program for students to receive the best education possible, and to make progress toward important academic benchmarks through an engaging, challenging, and rigorous academic program regardless of circumstance or location.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

We protected to the greatest extent possible the health and safety of every member of the community through careful adherence to recommended health and safety guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, New York State Education Department, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fostering Community and Belonging

Our plan was designed to not only meet our students’ intellectual needs but also to nurture their social and emotional connections with others, recognizing that authentic human relationships foster an abiding sense of community and belonging that are integral to a Hewitt education.

Our Goals
Goal 1

Maximize high-quality, in-person instruction. While in-person schooling “as usual” (without social distancing, reduced density, cohorting, and PPE) is still months away, we strive to offer as much in-person learning as we can safely. Our hybrid learning approach recognizes that our youngest learners are most in need of daily in-person instruction, and also allows for special attention for older students who cannot be on campus daily.

Goal 2

Deliver Hewitt’s full academic program online. During periods of online learning, we offer our full academic program online. Our faculty worked hard throughout the summer of 2020 partnering with experts in online education to augment their online teaching practices and lessons. We increased the amount of live instruction, individual and small group attention, intellectual engagement, and clear assessment of learning to ensure that students build foundational knowledge and skills necessary for a successful school year. 

Goal 3

Honor the fact that beginnings matter, and that a safe, grounded, and mindful re-entry sets the tone for successful learning. Hewitt began the year with fully online learning to provide our students and teachers with a safe, grounded, and mindful re-entry. Periods of online learning after school breaks have also been the best and safest way for Hewitt to re-open, and the best way to ensure successful learning experiences and outcomes for our students. 

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Teaching and Learning

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