Why Hewitt

Empowered to Compose Their Own Narratives

Hewitt girls and young women are impressive beyond words and achieve truly great things—from national academic awards to acceptance at some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Our curriculum, rigorous and challenging, is guided by the belief that the harder an accomplishment is, the greater the feeling of reward for having accomplished it. But at Hewitt, achievement, accolades, and a great resume are, in and of themselves, insufficient end goals. Hewitt girls make original and sound contributions to society because they have been empowered to compose narratives for themselves.

Hewitt's academic philosophy and program are thoughtfully designed based on the latest research.
The Hewitt community embraces and celebrates difference.
Student Life
Students explore varied interests and find their purpose through a range of activities and experiences.
Hewitt athletes excel on the court, field, water, and track as they develop resilience and confidence.

Why a Girls' School?

According to a recent report* by the National Coalition of Girls' Schools, girls attending girls' schools:

  • have higher aspirations and greater motivation
  • are challenged to achieve more
  • engage more actively in the learning process
  • participate in activities that prepare them for the world outside of school
  • feel more comfortable being themselves and expressing their ideas
  • show greater gains on core academic and life skills
  • feel supported in their endeavors

*For the full report from NCGS, please see Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls Schools

Why Did You Choose Hewitt?

Our community members describe what they love about being part of the Hewitt experience.

I grab a challenge by the hand and refuse to let it go until it's successfully completed.
Hewitt student

Our curriculum is alive, it grows and changes based on student feedback, research inputs, and what's happening in the world. Hewitt faculty member

We love the smaller class sizes, the focus on the whole child, the belief that every girl is different. We're having an incredible experience and couldn't be happier.Hewitt parent