Steam and Maker Education

Innovators, Inventors, Leaders

Research shows that girls have higher interest and persistence rates in STEAM fields when they are afforded ample opportunities to tinker and build. By introducing design challenges in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes starting in the lower school, we prepare our girls to embrace robotics with an eagerness to explore, a willingness to build upon failure, and an openness to constructive feedback. Our K-12 interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to STEAM ensures that Hewitt girls graduate well on their way to becoming the next generation of innovators, inventors, and leaders.


Hewitt students explore, experiment, and play with technology, computer programming, digital fabrication and maker tools, and robotics at every stage of their academic career.


  • Graphic design and digital art using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Programming in Scratch, JavaScript, and Processing
  • Digital fabrication such as laser cutting, etching, and milling with wood and plastic
  • 3D printing and design with Tinkercad
  • Tinkering with gears and circuitry
  • Robotics with VEX IQ, VEX EDR, and Arduino
  • E-textile design with LilyPad
  • Physical computing with Makey Makey and Micro:bit
  • Fabrication with sustainable materials such as mycelium and recycled plastic
  • Computer science classes that engage students in circuitry, software development, product design and fabrication, and building and programming robots.
Three students wear glasses/safety goggles and gloves and lean over a hunk of melting metal

Casting medallions for Hewitt Athletics in the Innovation Lab

Three second graders wear masks and lean over a VEX 123 robotics grid

Second graders use VEX 123 robots to learn about programming, automation, spatial reasoning, and computational thinking

Three students hold soldering irons and work at tables covered in cords and motherboards

Upper school Girls Who Code club members learning to solder

Four students in masks hold up a large navy Hewitt Robotics banner and a %22tournament champions%22 certificate

Hewitt Robotics Team 11442X after winning the 2021 New York State VEX Robotics qualifier

A student sits at a desk inflating a large yellow balloon

As part of their study of physics, seventh grade scientists build balloon rockets

Two students use tools to take apart a CPU

Students break down old electronic devices to identify their components and learn how they function

A student wears a mask and builds using green paper and cardboard.

First graders rely on principles of design thinking to understand their user, develop innovative solutions, and build prototypes

Three students use screwdrivers to take apart a CPU

Upper school students take apart, clean, and upgrade parts of a computer to prepare it for donation

Two students wear safety goggles and gloves as they use tools to debark tree branches

Middle school students make block sets out of fallen tree branches for pediatric patients at Mount Sinai Hospital


A student uses a hand plane to smooth her piece of wood for a project

A student uses a hand plane to smooth her piece of wood for a project

A student connects an old motor to a power supply in the Innovation Lab

After disassembling a broken paper shredder, a student tests its motor using a power supply in the Hewitt Innovation Lab

A closeup of hands measuring wood with a saw on the table

Eighth graders drawing plans, measuring, and cutting wood for a woodworking project

Lower school students record video tutorials to share their skills and expertise with peers

A lower school student sits on the carpet next to her Beebot, a small, round robot with red and blue flashing lights

Using counting, sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving skills, kindergarten engineers program Beebots to navigate mazes

A student creates a custom nightlight cover in the Hewitt Innovation Lab

A student interviews a teacher as three others operate an iPad on a tripod, a boom mic, and a clapboard

Kindergarteners act as videographers, interviewers, and sound operators while filming interviews with members of the Hewitt community

Three students use drills and screwdrivers to take apart a flat screen TV

Middle school students take apart an old TV in order to reclaim its parts for future Innovation Lab projects

A student wears safety goggles and leans over a wood cutting machine

Cutting pieces of wood for a construction project in the Hewitt Innovation Lab