Upper School

Autonomy and a Burgeoning Sense of Purpose

Hewitt’s upper school celebrates the autonomy and burgeoning sense of purpose that come with young adulthood. Hewitt’s young women in grades 9 through 12 develop a keen understanding of how they learn, how they construct and manage their time and obligations, and how they both express their individuality and connect to their community, at school and beyond. Trained in the research on girls and young women, upper school faculty members foster inquiry, resilience, and collaboration in their classrooms, and students know and trust their teachers as wise and caring mentors.

Elizabeth Stevens, Head of upper School

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Grade 9 Program Catalogue

Grades 10-12 Program Catalogue

Clubs and Extracurriculars
A variety of opportunities for girls to pursue their interests and passions as well as cultivate leadership skills.

College Guidance
A personalized approach that draws upon our deep understanding of each individual student.
Hewitt athletes excel on the court, field, water, and track as they develop resilience and confidence.
Service Learning
Becoming socially aware members of local and global communities.
Hewitt News
An Update on Hewitt's Anti-Racism Task Force

Hewitt's newly formed Anti-Racism Task Force has been charged with evaluating and recommending schoolwide protocols, policies, systems, and infrastructure to ensure that Hewitt becomes an actively anti-racist school. In this update, we share the work the task force has been doing as a full group and in subcommittees to develop anti-racism actions to recommend to Hewitt’s Board of Trustees.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream cover art with hand-drawn fairies

When the cast and crew of A Midsummer Night's Dream learned that health and safety guidelines would prevent them from performing live, they came up with creative solutions to ensure that they could share their production with an audience. Their strength, enthusiasm, and flexibility turned what could have been just another event cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic into an amazing theater experience for the Hewitt community.  

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 Uncovering the Hidden World of Engineering 

In Hewitt’s Programming and Robotics course, students learn how to create computer animations, design for digital fabrication, and program electronic circuitry, all with code. Because this introductory course focuses on hands-on projects that are grounded in real-world contexts, students start learning by doing at their very first class meeting, quickly making connections between the projects they are working on in class and the systems and electronics they use on a daily basis.

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