Our Athletics Philosophy

At Hewitt, we believe that health and wellness form the backbone of girls’ ability to achieve their personal best within and beyond the classroom. Our athletics program prepares girls to thrive in structured and competitive physical activity—and to carry the skills they learn beyond the field or the gym, to serve them in every aspect of their lives. Our athletics program plays a critical role in advancing the values of teamwork, sportswomanship, and leadership, and promotes a lifelong commitment to healthy, balanced living.

Our Coaching Philosophy

To deliver an athletics program specifically attuned to the development of girls and young women, Hewitt's coaching education features instruction in sports pedagogy, differentiated instruction, and the delivery of feedback. Our coaches’ dedication to lifelong learning mirrors our faculty’s extensive focus on feedback and our school’s commitment to teaching students to give and receive feedback well. Hewitt coaches implement developmentally appropriate training programs across grades five through twelve.



Athletics News