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Honing Athletic Prowess

Our athletics program emphasizes the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of each sport, with an overall commitment to the personal growth of each athlete that extends well beyond wins and losses. We know that athletics provides unparalleled opportunities for girls to build key transferable strengths, like resilience and grit, perseverance, and the abilities to grow from coaching and feedback and bounce back from failure. Our student athletes also master collaboration, as they commit to the program, but more importantly, to each other as teammates.

Hewitt offers ten varsity teams that provide opportunities to not only hone athletic prowess, but also develop leadership skills and personal resilience. Our varsity teams participate in preseason training and compete in the Athletics Association of Independent Schools.


  • Cross country
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball


  • Basketball
  • Squash
  • Indoor Track
  • Strength and Conditioning


  • Badminton
  • Crew
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field

Our student athletes’ budding selflessness, inherent in successful sports practices and competitions, deepens Hewitt’s hallmark sense of sisterhood and enriches school spirit and pride.

Hewitt Athletes Recap Their Fall Season

Carly S., Student Head of Athletics

After a week of preseason team building activities and sport-specific training at Golden Goal Sports Park in Lake George, New York, Hewitt’s athletes hit the ground running in volleyball, soccer, and cross country. This year our varsity and JV teams were complemented by a record number of middle school student athletes, whose talent and determination bodes well for larger and stronger high school teams in the coming years.

Varsity volleyball worked tirelessly, played hard, and came together as a cohesive team. As one of our varsity co-captains shared, “Our team had an amazing camaraderie, and one of the best parts of this season was strengthening bonds and building new friendships with my teammates. It was easy to support each other on the court because we genuinely cared for one another, and were excited for one another when we played well.”

JV volleyball included a group of strong and competitive players who finished the season with a win against Friends Seminary, and this season’s record number of talented middle school volleyball players will create a strong pipeline for next year’s JV and varsity teams.

Varsity soccer showed their dedication during intense practices at Randall’s Island and celebrated a victory at the end of their season with a win against Sacred Heart. Their optimism and enthusiasm was a unifying and energizing force that propelled them through the season. A seventh grader who competed on the varsity team noted that, “One of the highlights of this season was playing a sport with girls who were older than me and who had more experience than me. I enjoyed getting to know my teammates and learning how to communicate with them on the field.”

Hewitt’s fifth and sixth grade soccer players learned the importance of trusting their teammates and working together as a unit to be successful on the field. They spent the season developing their athletic and leadership skills and brought great enthusiasm and energy to their practices and games.

Cross Country

The members of our varsity cross country team were fierce competitors this year and the team made great strides going into the AAIS league championship, with a sophomore medaling in the meet. Our middle school cross country athletes ended the season with strong finishes, with a Hewitt eighth grader winning three consecutive meets and all seventh and eighth graders setting new personal records in their final meet of the year. Almost 30 girls joined the fifth and sixth grade team and spent the season working hard to develop their competitive edge and team spirit.

All of our runners were quick to point out the importance of their coaches. “They made this season so special by pushing us and cheering us on at every practice. Our coaches were dedicated to helping us get better and were always positive. There was a special kind of pride in seeing my teammates and coaches cheer me on as I crossed the finish line.”

The skill, commitment, and determination of Hewitt’s student athletes continues to grow each year. The pride and desire to win among the girls is palpable, and with many of our fall athletes trying out for the winter season, 2017-2018 is sure to be a big year for Hewitt Athletics. Go, Hawks!

Focused and committed during preseason training

Strength and conditioning during preseason training

Warming up before a volleyball game

Teamwork and camaraderie from our volleyball players

Our varsity soccer team in action on the field

Skill and determination from our soccer players

Catching up with teammates after a cross country meet

Cheering on our athletes at a cross country meet