Our Strategic Vision in Action

Our strategic vision is designed to build our students’ leadership capacity and sense of purpose in the world through immersion in complex, real-world challenges. We invite you to explore this page to see examples of our strategic vision in action and to learn more about the student-directed, purpose-driven, and joyful learning that is a cornerstone of a Hewitt education. 


Transformational learning is deeply engaging and brings about intrinsically-motivated, kind, curious, and autonomous lifelong learners. 

When immersed in the right kind of learning environment, students do not need to wait until college to find meaning, purpose, and opportunities to lead and make a difference.

Lower School Students Embracing Peer Teaching

Peer teaching is a celebration of learning that draws on and builds comprehension, independence, self-awareness, and trust. When students teach their peers they take ownership of their knowledge and sharing new skills ceases to be a top-down exercise led by the adult in the room. Our youngest students created instructional videos on personally meaningful topics, building confidence in their abilities while sharing their passion and expertise with their peers. 

Middle School Students Forging a More Sustainable Future

At Hewitt, we know that formative learning experiences take place when students are given time and space to address issues that matter to them. Our middle school students are committed to using their voices to make a difference in the world, and learning about the relationship between environmental and social justice inspired them to effect positive change in their community. These students discovered their purpose, nurtured their passions, and found joy as they forged a more sustainable future. 

The Class of 2021: A Legacy of Leadership

The Class of 2021 were exactly the kind of inspiring leaders their fellow students needed during a challenging year. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, Hewitt seniors approached their final year of high school with fortitude, determination, and empathy. In their reflections on the legacy they hope to leave behind at Hewitt, members of the Class of 2021 demonstrated what it means to be game changers and ethical leaders building a brighter future for their community.

Hewitt graduates arrive at college having developed real concerns in the world, and they are motivated to make a difference on their college campuses and beyond.