Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Hewitt School inspires girls and young women to become game changers and ethical leaders who forge an equitable, sustainable, and joyous future.

Vision Commitments
To achieve this ambitious and bold new mission, Hewitt will embrace three major commitments.
1. Redesign learning

Redesign learning around transdisciplinary real-world challenges to build students’ leadership capacity and sense of purpose.

As Northeastern Professor Lindsay Portnoy writes: “What has become clear is that the success of each individual won’t come from besting a computer or working more quickly or efficiently than a robot, but rather by using our innately human capacities of talking with others to debate, discuss and develop dynamic solutions toward our shared goals.” To better prepare girls and young women for success in college, career, and life in a rapidly shifting world, Hewitt will redesign its academic program to integrate core foundational knowledge and essential skills with some of the most complex, transdisciplinary real-world challenges and questions of our time.

At Hewitt, girls and young women will be working on real problems for real people and developing solutions toward shared goals that are much bigger than their own individual achievements. Through our redesigned program, Hewitt girls and young women will not only receive exceptional preparation for higher education and rewarding professional careers, but will also engage in deep, immersive learning that sparks curiosity, cultivates purpose, builds empathic leadership capacity, and lasts a lifetime.

2. Reimagine location

Reimagine where school happens to take full advantage of immersive, collaborative, and hands-on learning in New York City.

Our founder Caroline Hewitt stated that “it is the touch of life upon life that matters most in a school.” In keeping with our founder’s original vision about the importance of relationships at the heart of learning, Hewitt’s main campus will continue to serve as an important home base for student mentoring across grades and divisions, and for sustaining our students’ deep sense of presence, community, and sisterhood that have been the mainstays of our community since our origin.

To meet the needs of our vision for transformative, transdisciplinary teaching and learning, Hewitt will adapt our main campus as well as expand our footprint to locations across New York City, out to the places and spaces where people, organizations, and communities are coming together to work on complex real-world questions and concerns. Being immersed in work that is meaningful to them and to society, Hewitt girls and young women will not only value acquiring content knowledge and skills for the joy of learning but also delight in putting their learning to work on projects that forge a better world. And the best environment for this type of transformative learning is a school that is both in the world and of the world.

3. Redefine leadership

Redefine women’s leadership by convening student, academic, and industry leaders to challenge, transcend, and transform conventional assumptions about gender, power, and leadership in our society.

At the core of Hewitt’s mission is a wholehearted dedication to cultivating the voice, agency, and confidence of girls and young women who will challenge, transcend, and ultimately transform societal limitations in order to improve our world. Building on our defining commitment to educating girls and young women in a way that is guided and informed by the latest research, Hewitt is uniquely positioned to be a local and national leader in a new kind of research-based leadership development for girls and young women.