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Beyond the Classroom


Understanding that a rich and challenging program extends beyond the classroom, Hewitt offers abundant opportunities for students to develop their own sense of purpose and passion. Supported by their teachers and classmates, Hewitt girls act with confidence and empathy as they step outside of their comfort zones and embrace new opportunities to learn and grow. 


Why Hewitt
Learn more about what makes Hewitt a unique place for girls and young women.
The Hewitt community embraces and celebrates difference.
Service Learning
Becoming socially aware members of local and global communities.
Clubs and Extracurriculars
A variety of opportunities for girls to pursue their interests and passions as well as cultivate leadership skills.

Second Grade Scientists Direct Their Own Learning

To learn about the animals that inhabit our oceans, second graders engaged in an interdisciplinary and multisensory project that invited them to explore marine life as readers, writers, artists, researchers, and public speakers. By directing their own learning at every stage of the project, these young scientists became deeply invested in work that was meaningful to them while developing confidence in their abilities to think critically and independently. 

Commencement Remarks to the Class of 2019: Blossoms in the Shade

Through my time at Hewitt, I have found that the key to conquering the chaos that is life is in holding onto the threads of continuity that run through it all. In my case, those threads are each and every one of the people sitting behind me right now and the values that they and the Hewitt community have impressed upon me. 

Commencement Remarks to the Class of 2019: Blue and White: The Spirit Within Us

I ask you to remember the hope you feel today and turn it into strength for the weeks and months to come. Hope fuels ambition, it fuels your drive for success. You survived and you conquered, leading yourself to this moment, so remember it and let that feeling of pride and accomplishment spread throughout every inch of you. Use that feeling to push you when you hit the rougher patches, which are inevitable, as we all know.

Hewitt Senior Attends the U.S. Naval Academy as a Division I Soccer Recruit

This May, the Hewitt community gathered at a signing day event to celebrate Caitlin Doran, Class of 2019. An avid athlete who played varsity soccer for Hewitt throughout her high school career, Doran will attend the United States Naval Academy this fall as a Division I soccer recruit. Doran spoke with Director of Athletics Amy Mulligan about her passion for the game, why she chose the U.S. Naval Academy, and the importance of having female athletes as role models. 

Redefining What it Means to Study Classical Literature with Rattlestick Playwrights’ Theater 

Each year, Hewitt students collaborate on scene-writing projects with Rattlestick Playwrights' Theater, then experience what it means to bring a script to life as professional actors perform their work. Designed to encourage students to think deeply about their own sense of purpose, these annual playwriting projects give middle schoolers the chance to immerse themselves in themes and ideas of personal, social, and global relevance.

Journey to Québec City 

This winter, seventh and eighth grade French students embarked on a journey to Québec City, where they learned about the province’s history, culture, and customs while putting their French language skills into practice. Whether bundling up for some of Canada’s famed winter activities, immersing themselves in First Nations history, or bonding with their host families, these eager middle school travelers embraced every aspect of their trip and returned to Hewitt with a new respect for the diverse viewpoints and experiences they encountered.