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Beyond the Classroom


Understanding that a rich and challenging program extends beyond the classroom, Hewitt offers abundant opportunities for students to develop their own sense of purpose and passion. Supported by their teachers and classmates, Hewitt girls act with confidence and empathy as they step outside of their comfort zones and embrace new opportunities to learn and grow. 


Why Hewitt
Learn more about what makes Hewitt a unique place for girls and young women.
The Hewitt community embraces and celebrates difference.
Service Learning
Becoming socially aware members of local and global communities.
Clubs and Extracurriculars
A variety of opportunities for girls to pursue their interests and passions as well as cultivate leadership skills.

Claire Arnod holds a French textbook during an upper school French class

The Hewitt School mourns the loss of beloved French teacher and advisor Claire Arnod, who passed away on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Our community of students, families, faculty, and staff grieve for our dear teacher, colleague, and friend.

The author poses with Farm Sanctuary education Arianna Duncan

At Hewitt, students have amazing opportunities to develop our voices and sense of purpose through activism we believe in. Founding the Animal Rights Club has taught me that I want to stay connected to animal welfare causes for the rest of my life, and has also helped me build important leadership skills that I will use outside of school. 

A Spell Cast: The Magic of Word Game Collaboration

The New York Times’ Spelling Bee puzzle provides opportunities for members of the Hewitt community to unpack mathematics and engage with quantitative reasoning, to collaborate across disciplines and roles, and to stay connected despite the geographical challenges brought on by social distancing.

A kindergartener practices drawing one of the characters in her story

Though most kindergarteners arrive at school in September eager to tell their own stories, the idea of actually writing an entire story can be daunting. Hewitt's kindergarten teachers use research-based methods to break down the writing process in a developmentally appropriate way, inspiring their young students to become curious, confident, independent, and successful storytellers.

Second graders reading one another's All About My Family books

For their All About My Family projects, second graders interviewed family members and authored detailed books using the information they gathered. Centered on each student's own lived experiences, the project allowed students to successfully meet their learning objectives in a way that felt personally meaningful to each individual girl. 

Lower school art teacher Robin Lentz filmed her own hands for this doodling tutorial

To ensure that her students can make and create while they are away from the art room, lower school art teacher Robin Lentz developed a collection of activities and how-to videos that require nothing more than something to draw with and a piece of paper. In this video, Ms. Lentz models for students how the art of doodling is a mindful experience that helps us stay focused and present in the face of distraction.

A grid of stills from the At Hewitt video shows students and teachers singing our school song

As Hewitt students and teachers returned from spring break and began developing new remote learning routines, music teacher Kirsten Lindberg saw an opportunity to bring our community together with a unique rendition of our school song. Ms. Lindberg gathered clips of students and faculty singing “At Hewitt” to make this beautiful tribute to the strength and power of our school community. 

Upper school Hewitt Robotics students pose before a competition

Thanks to their thoughtful planning and skill on the field, Hewitt Robotics took home coveted awards for teamwork, robot skills, excellence, and design, and four teams qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championships!